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Imagine if you started a business and almost instantly started earning a 20% to 30% profit from sales. With the AFA Network it is not only possible, it happens everyday. Most business would be very happy with a 20% to 30% bottom line and that is exactly what we are offering you for your own website. The more traffic you drive to your site the money you will earn.

The AFA Network offers a wide array of products for you to offer to your clients. The following are a list of the products, prices, and, most importantly, the commissions associated with them.

Romance Tours:

We offer a very full Romance Tour schedule as you can see by clicking here. Once your client pays his initial deposit for your Romance Tour he will be contacted by us as the tour operator, and we will take care of all the details from that point.

Commission for the Romance tours is $500.00 per tour client

Address Sales :

We offer 3 levels of address sales, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The Silver entitles the user to one or two addresses for $9.00 each. The Gold entitles the use to 3 to 13 addresses for $7.00 each. The Platinum level entitles the user to an unlimited supply of addresses for $95.00 for the first month and only $15.00 each month after that.

Commission for address sales is 30%, including monthly Platinum renewals.

Express Mail Service-$4.50 per letter, $10.00 per translation, $3.50 per photo

Enables the user to send their letters to the women much faster.

Commission for Express Mail Service is 20%

Flower and Gift delivery-Price dependent on gift or gifts ordered:

We offer Flower and gift delivery to many different cities around the world.

Commission for the Flower and gift delivery is 20%

Western Man's Magazine- $129.00 to $299.00:

A reverse publication where the man can advertise himself to the women

Commission for the Western Man's Magazine is 20%

Phone Translation Service-$5.99 per minute,

3-way conference calling with an interpreter. Clients tend to use this service over and over again, thus adding funds to their account. You earn a commission every time they add funds to the account.

Commissions for the Phone Translation Service is 20%

Fiancee Visa Kit-$89.00:

Do it yourself kit for those applying for a k-1 Visa.

Commission for the Fiancee Visa Kit is 20%