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How does the dating network help me

Now it's possible for you to own and operate a premier International Introduction service. By joining the AFA network you will be tapping in to one of the most successful International dating services on the Internet today.

The dating industry is one of the most competitive industry's on the Internet today. It is virtually impossible for the average person to start, from scratch, and be successful. Those who can afford the time and money required, soon discover that they must wear many different hats. There are many different facets involved in putting together a successful site and it takes a lot of talented people to get it done.

That's where we come in. We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into our site and the building of our network. We have over 50 full time employees dedicated to making the site and the Network the best it can be. We deal with all of the problems associated with running a business on the Internet. We take care of everything from the technical glitches to customer support.

Our taking care of the day to day operations of the business leaves you the time needed to do the one most important task for any internet business today-Marketing. Without customers your site will not produce much revenue or profits. It is your responsibility to drive traffic to your site. Don't be fooled, creating and maintaining traffic can and is a full time job. You can spend hours and hours researching new techniques to get your site noticed. If you had to take care of all the other aspects that go into running a successful site you would have little time for the Marketing. This is why the AFA Network is so very effective. It really is a simple concept, the more traffic you drive to your site the more money you will earn. The AFA network gives you a unique, quality product to sell and gives you the time to sell it.